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  • @ Magnus
    100000 K FFXIV Gil
    Best, safest and the most fast site i know, got my orders 5 min after i orderd. I will definitley recommend it to my friends and i will keep buying from you. ^_^ Jul/27/2017 02:04:02
  • @ Charlie
    10000 K FFXIV Gil
    Very fast delivery, good service, will buy things again here if i need Jul/27/2017 01:05:43
  • @ Custorm
    300000 K FFXIV Gil
    My experience was excellent, I got my GIL within minutes. Very happy with my purchase and Never had a bad experience with these guys. Customer service also was very helpful, really loved this shop, I trusted them so much! Jul/26/2017 01:11:42
  • @ Shadi
    9000 K FFXIV Gil
    Just searched at 20+ other gold selling sites, and ALL of them had more expensive gold!! THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BEST SITE!!! Jul/26/2017 00:56:07
  • @ Custorm
    30000 K FFXIV Gil
    Wow i ordered 10mil and they have gotten 8mil atm this site is soo good Jul/25/2017 02:04:12
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  • This is the second time ill be useing this company they have great service and friendly people to help you out to get orders will for sure keep on useing them
    Jul/25/2017 @ Aimee
  • Great company, always have FFXIV Gil available and very fast. Most professional FFXIV Gil business I've seen!
    Jul/23/2017 @ Burgess
  • The online chat people are quite wonderfully polite and kind and answered my questions as fast as i would type them. the delivery was quick an honestly the fastest service Ive had
    Jul/23/2017 @ Adrian
  • This is the best company of buy ffxiv gil! Always gives the product in less than ten minutes, simply amazing.
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