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Can I get advice on FINAL FANTASY XIV

Hi there! So here's the tale of my little Feast adventure. I got into 4v4, did fine up to Bronze, and then started losing and losing. I got some advice and tips, got up to Silver, and once again I keep on losing. While it would be easy to just blame my party members, I genuinely feel that I'm part of the problem, that I (an Astrologian) am not healing as well as I could be. Especially last night when I kept getting paired up with a certain person and after a while they were getting very fed up with me. Of course, when I asked for advice they just trotted off. So I figured I'd come here to ask for some tips and advice on healing Feast as an Astro.


Since it's hard to describe or guess how I play, I decided to record a Feast game which I, surprise surprise, lost. I only did this one video because I'm so nervous to go back in in case I get paired up with that one guy who is angry and lose again. I feel like this game is a good representation of how I usually play anyway (except forgetting to cross class stoneskin at the start lol) so I figured it's fine for just this one. I do acknowledge that at around 6:55 I did get distracted with slowing the enemy healer instead of healing the monk, oops. My bad.



As far as gear goes, I have two Vitality accessories so I can survive LBs at full health. Someone suggested I stack Spell Speed so I can get heals out faster so a fair bit of my gear has Spell Speed.


I really want to learn how to get better but with the only advice I got was to "play 8v8" is not very helpful, since I don't know what I'm doing wrong and no amount of spamming 8v8 would help with that. PvP guides that aren't completely outdated are few and far between, and few of my FC mates PvP and absolutely none of those play Astro So I'd really appreciate any help! Thanks very much!


A player's opinion:

I'm not a PvP healer in this game, so feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt... but I have PvP healed in other games, so hopefully some of my advice can help.


First of all, I think your camera is waaaaaay too zoomed in. I would zoom it out as far as it goes (or close to that if you're not comfortable with all the way). When you are running around healing, I would get into the habit of targeting people with F1/F2/F3/F4 so that you can quickly turn your camera to see what's going on with your mouse hand (rather than having to click target people on the party menu -- I know it's a habit from PVE healing, but you'll want to get out of that habit for PvP). The reason it is so important to turn around with your mouse to see the action is because you need to know where people are in space, who's getting attacked, who your team is targeting, etc. This will also help you with your own CCs.


My second piece of advice is that you should keep the PvP 'menu' up at all times. I notice you close it at the start of the match. It is important for everyone to be aware of how many medals each person has... on both teams. It is useful for planning strategies. As a healer, it will help you know who on your team is going to be focused. I know you can see medal stacks on the party menu too, but this will give you a better idea of the changing score, who needs to kill whom to get enough medals to win, etc. (Remember -- when a person is killed, they drop half their medals... so that's why people want to focus those with stacks, in addition to the fact that they should be easier to kill). As a healer, this will help you realize who's going to be taking a lot of heat.

Anyway, I don't think you necessarily did anything wrong to cause that match to be lost. It seems your team had trouble killing people too... But as far as staying alive, I think it would help you if you anticipated a lot of incoming damage. For example, BRD has a lot of burst, and you faced one in your match. As soon as you are targeted by them, you are going to want to throw a wrench in their plan to burst you down in one go by running behind a wall and healing yourself back to full before they can sprint around and continue attacking you. This will ensure that they can't take you down from half HP to Zero in one go (and yes -- BRD and MCH are capable of this). I know you do start to make a move toward a wall when you notice you are being attacked, but in general, you will want to be positioned near a wall already. That way, you can LoS a ranged as soon as they start attacking you, forcing them to actually run after you. (That sort of advice goes for any caster -- whether they be offensive or defensive.)


In essence, you want to make yourself as annoying as possible to kill. If you unnecessarily stand out in the open like that, you're going to be really easy to lock down and burst down.


Oh! Another thing I forgot to add. Don't let them bait you into popping Purify early. I noticed you popped it immediately after sleep was cast on you. Unless it is an absolutely dire situation, you can usually afford to wait a few seconds to see if one of the DPS on the other team foolishly hits you while you are asleep.

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