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Discussion 'Personal Apartments' - In Patch 3.3 FFXIV Player Homeless

Going from what the Title says, I think it's obvious Player Housing, as it exists now, is a bit of a failure on realms with large populations. Unless SE starts adding hundreds of Wards to each Residential Area, it'll always be a problem. The playerbase is only ever growing for the game right now.

What's more, you would think by this point (Patch 3.3), after slaying primals, stopping the Garlean Invasion of Eorzea, uncovering a thousand-year-old-plot by the Church to deceive the people of Ishgard, and ending the Dragonsong War (on top of countless more accomplishments), that SOMEONE would've gone up to the Warrior of Light and said, "You deserve better than to use the inns like a common adventurer, or having to move into a crowded Residential District. In recognition of your services we're pleased to grant you this land for your personal use."


In the recent Newsletter there was discussion about, 'Personal Apartments,' as a means to address the issue on large population servers. I say that sounds pathetic. If we're the Warrior of Light, treat us as such.


Let the player character's home nation approach them with a gift of land equal to a large plot from the residential districts, and allow players to build any size house upon it (large, medium, or small).


*Limsa - An Island.

*Ul'dah - An Oasis.

*Gridania - A Glade.


Let it be instanced, and accessible by individuals on a character's friends list. It'd address the Housing Issue while allowing players the opportunity to invest as little, or as much ffxiv gil and time as they desire upon it. Residential Districts will still exist, but priority there should be given to Free Companies. This creates a whole new plethora of options, ranging from Free Company players using their private rooms for crafting and their personal estates for homes, or for their private rooms to be their home while their personal estates become entirely gardens if they so choose.


I don't know what goes into creating a little mini instanced zone, so I can't say how big or small of an undertaking it would be, but I doubt it'd require new assets. Old ones could be re-used. That said, I'd rather see it as a feature for the next expansion than rushed, that's true. My comment on apartments being, 'Pathetic,' is not aimed at the effort going into them, but the idea that some great Hero of an entire continent doesn't even own their own home, with their own land, for their own chocobo stable, garden, etc.


The only possible way an apartment would be suitably grandiose enough to match up with the narrative of the Warrior of Light is if we were literally living within places like Ul'dah's Royal Palace. Even then, however, that opens up issues with future story elements. If there's another situation like the ending of 2.5.5, you get a narrative disconnect. "Why am I still allowed to live in the Royal Palace when the Brass Blades and Crystal Braves all are over the place?" It was bad enough still being able to walk around Ul'dah, but at least we had some NPCs here and there who helped explain it some.


I think that is a rather extremist view of it though. For starters, knowing what they do, don't you think most refugees would assume someone like the Warrior of Light would already have a home? Something suitably grand? Secondly, they don't scoff and chafe at the Residential Districts, which are reserved -exclusively- for Adventurers either. Why? Because Adventurers, like the Warrior of Light, aid the entire realm, the rich and the poor alike. If groups like the Ala Mhigan refugees don't throw a fuss over places like the Goblet being only for adventurers, why should they get upset if the Warrior of Light is given a relatively small piece of land for their home? We're not talking about places that could hold more than one building. It's not like the island/glade/oasis is large enough to create homes for even a fraction of the refugee population.


I think if this unrest were to happen, it'd have happened with Residential Districts, and it did not.

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