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Extremely Frustrated, come on SE

NOTE: Possible story spoilers, please read with caution if you haven't finished the story. This is a rant topic (aka I really need to vent/complain), please understand that is the entire point of this post before reading further.


Alright, so I feel compelled to speak up and voice this long-burning frustration I've had with this game. As always, I'm torn, because I love this game and the story behind it. I love the character models and many of the artistic features of the game. I have friends who enjoy the game and I'm trying to find things to keep me entertained and involved with them. However, there's so many things that I feel are lacking or are out-right being destroyed that it's coming to a real breaking point for me and I need to vent.


This started back during ARR. I heard so many complaints about the game back in ARR but I stood by SE. I explained that this game had originally failed, and that SE (or Yoshi P) had worked some crazy magic to bring it back and make it work. Not only that, but in my opinion it was a pretty darn decent game all things considered. I told players to give it time and wait for the first expansion, our loyalty would surely be rewarded when SE was free to part from their original story and start again 'fresh'. Content was getting stale for me near the end of ARR, but I held on and stayed optimistic, eventually purchasing the CE Expansion (huge disappointment).


Then Heavensward landed. This was it, our saving grace. We were left on an amazing cliffhanger with the story and we had some amazing potential ahead of us. That's what I thought anyway.


I cleared the story in less than a week, level 60, farming TWO crappy dungeons for my weekly tomes. The amazing story? Ended up being brief and poorly executed. I felt that for some reason SE was in a rush to wrap the story up and move on again. Raubahn lost an arm, one lalafell was cleaved in two for being a douche, everything returned to normal except the Scions are all gone and nobody has any idea (and honestly they seem entirely unmotivated to look) where they went. The only one we've found is Y'shtola who, from a lore standpoint, really seems like she should be dead. Plus they've messed up her hair and eyes. C'mon SE, she was the best Scion, y u do dis?


Anyway, I'm going to drop my long list of complaints right here. If any of you feel like reading them and want to agree or disagree, be my guest. I would love to hear some support so that maybe, just maybe, something will click with SE at some point (not likely I know but what can I say, I'm a dreamer).




ARR left us with an amazing Ul'dahn storyline plot and some great movie scenes regarding it, getting us hooked and making it all seem like a really big deal. In the end, however, the entire Ul'dahn plot was hastily wrapped up, overwhelmingly convenient, and ultimately just a guise to remove the Scions from the storyline. Removing the Scions is fine and could have been a really big story point, but thus far they've simply vanished into thin air after being assaulted by tons of untalented Crystal Braves that they simply could have ran from and certainly could not have been defeated by. Conveniently, nobody knows where the Scions went to. Several references are made that suggest they're being searched for, but nobody has any results. The only one we get back is Y'shtola who apparently decided to use a much stronger spell than needed to block the tunnels. And again, I'm pretty sure that her and Thancred could have handled the filthy casuals of the Crystal Braves. But hey, lets drop a tunnel on TOP of us (not in front), and then send ONLY myself adrift into the lifestream. I'm not buying it. Not to mention that she really seems like she should be dead, based on the lore and story. Leaving me with yet another feeling of 'this is way too convenient'. Summary? Amazing story that was rushed and ultimately used for only one purpose: to remove the Scions from the storyline.




Somehow, having the blessing of light stripped from us made absolutely no difference to the story at any point. We have it back now, and it's just as useless as it's always been. Nidhogg is back and no doubt thinking up new ways to burn Ishgard to the ground. The Warrior of Light is just short of godmode, as usual.

I will say that I did enjoy the storyline involving the Knights of the Round. The buildup and conclusion was actually pretty good and I still wear the title 'Of the Silver Fuller' from time to time to honor one of my favorite characters. I wish he would have lived... just like our beloved Lady Iceheart. Reality broke her and tossed her aside, unfortunately. I still have no idea why she had the echo and I feel there was a lot of lost potential with her character. I guess another character with the echo will probably surface later and give us more insight on WHY people have it to begin with.

My main complaint with this story is that it's been slow. It's been months and the story felt so brief to me. No new story content has really come out save for Alexander and, no offense if you enjoyed that, but Alexander sucked. It was not even remotely what I had hoped it would be. As far back as I can remember, Alexander has been a really powerful endgame/near endgame summoning spell with really cool artwork. I would have enjoyed fighting Alexander itself, not just climbing through it and fighting lame goblins (I HATE goblins!!!).




I think it's fantastic that SE has brought back so many things from our beloved Final Fantasy games. Honestly, I had a difficult time deciding whether to give ARR a chance after knowing the original game failed so hard. For me, the deciding factor was the Magitek Armor mount, so fan service won out that day. And much to my enjoyment the armor is almost 100% true to FF6, just short of the fire/ice/bolt beams etc. Those would have been awesome but lets be honest, how the heck would you work that into the game?


My complaint here is that there is SO MUCH fan service that SE seems to struggle with how to implement them or make them relate to the game. We've already seen both Bahamut and Ultima, which are typically the strongest summoning spells and black magic. Those were used up early and, though Bahamut was amazing, Ultima was very unremarkable and it seemed a complete waste of such an important spell.

The Zodiac Weapons... *sigh* this was probably my biggest disappointment. As a huge FFT fan I was so sad to see how they decided to slap the Zodiac label on these unrelated gold/time sink weapons and abridge the Zodiac Brave Story. The Zodiac Brave Story has been used now and I will not be able to enjoy it playing a larger role in this game. This is a tragedy to me and should be to anyone who's played the original FFT and knows the Zodiac Brave Story. There is so much depth to it and this was just such a terrible bastardization of one of the best FF stories every made.

The Warring Triad... you've seen them, right? Atop the ship in Azys Lla. Every FF6 fan out there should be drooling in anticipating.. I know I am! But there's still a fear, that yet again SE will find some way to diminish these gods who created all magic and make them less than they should be: Gods! And will SE be able to implement their final form? The amazing climb from Hell, through Purgatory, and on to Heaven? (you guys all know the final fight from FF6 and what it represented, yes?) Please don't mess this up SE, my young heart wouldn't be able to take it TwT




I'm going to keep this one simple: We need more dungeons. You release an expansion and tell us to farm TWO DUNGEONS. That is tedious, boring, and makes me wonder what the heck I paid for. I read the patch notes today and SE will release two more dungeons in 3.1, yippie. We get one new dungeon and a Pharos Sirius remake... are you freaking serious (Sirius)? Enough with the dungeon remakes, can you people get any lazier? You're just re-using old content and cutting out 50% of the work of making a new dungeon, that's lame and boring. I don't know if your asian players find that interesting but I'm extremely tired of it. Not every dungeon in the game needs a reworked hard version. I'm not saying all of them are bad (love my yandere waifu from Tam-Tara HM, hope she comes back!), but you've beaten this horse for so long that it's not just dead, it's dead^100. Please, bring us NEW content and stop taking the half-assed way out. Your players deserve better. And give us MORE dungeons during a patch, rotating between two dungeons is terrible, at the very least give us three. It may be only one more dungeon, but it made a lot of difference in ARR.




When I got my retainers to 60 I was so excited. Time to start gearing them up for level 60 ventures! Oh whats that? Highest level venture is 55? Fantastic.

How difficult would it have been for you guys (SE) to add level 60 ventures, honestly. I was extremely disappointed by this. As someone who uses ventures constantly I was very let down by this. Months later and still no level 60 ventures. FFS SE... c'mon...




Ravana Ex and Bismark Ex were both very easy fights. The most trouble I had with them was finding players on my server who didn't fail the dps check on Bismark or knew how to handle the debuffs and marks for Ravana. Months later and I STILL cannot queue up for Bismark/Ravana Ex via Duty Finder. Most groups on my server fail miserably and I would have loved the chance to at least attempt these runs cross-server. Again, months have gone by and SE fails to turn on the cross-server flag for these two fights.


And to anyone reading this who's only response is 'change servers', I'm not throwing away my hard-earned ffxiv gil due to low ffxiv gil caps during server transfers, or leaving my friends behind just because SE can't add fights to DF in a timely fashion. That would make me quit this game even faster.




When I originally tried to purchase and create my account for this game I almost gave up due to the unnecessarily complex website and mogstation setup. This isn't 1998 SE, lets clean it up and get back to 2015 with a cleaner and more organized website. My fiance began playing back in january of this year and she almost gave up too due to all the passcodes, websites, menus, etc that she had to navigate in order to get everything to work. None of us were able to be much help to her because we were all just as confused, and it was our second time having to deal with this nonsense! Please SE, look at your competitors and clean your website up. You can still be original and have your own FFXIV appeal, but make it easier for players to signup and navigate. It'll only help.




We've all seen the reports of RMT bannings. Sounds lovely that SE is doing something to combat this, right? But if they're getting all these people, then why do I still see the same bot standing in front of the MB in Ul'dah spamming ffxiv gil seller websites and buying stuff off the MB? Why do I see entire parties of BLM's queueing up together repeatedly? Why are there still mining bots and spiritbond bots in the same locations? I've reported players for botting and obvious bot characters and nothing ever happens to them. What is my incentive to not bot at this point? All I'm doing is handicapping myself when I could easily make it to the 1bil ffxiv gil cap via botting and, apparantly, never be banned for it.


Honestly I feel like the RMT bannings are fake at this point. It's really difficult to report bots (can't even be done ingame, you have to do it on their website). And the bots you do report never disappear.


SE, you need to step up the bot/RMT removal and maybe consider a rewards/incentive program for reporting bot/RMT actions. I've been an avid bot hunter since my first MMO and I would love to help our online community by assisting you with bot/RMT reporting and removal but it's a huge hassle to report and none of what I report appears to actually be dealt with.


Not just that, but have any of you checked the MB on your server for the BLM weapon required to make the BLM relic weapon? I forget the exact name, but if you read all the recent purchases you used to see TONS of obvious bots buying them in bulk (typically groups of 4, geez, i wonder why hmm?). I've reported this to SE before as well and have yet to see any progress made in this area. A really simple method of tracking bots/RMT that as far as I can tell is not even utilized.




Prior to HW I had all classes to 50 and had a little bit of skill bloat going on (my bars were very full of skills). With HW release I now have an even greater amount of skill bloat going on. Can we get this under control a bit before even my four bars dedicated to combat skills/items are no longer enough?




DRG in ARR was fun. In HW... these skills are right on the edge of too much. Most of us are familiar with finishing a job quest and then receiving a new skill. Nothing remarkable about that. However, one of the HW DRG job quests awards us a skill that is EXACTLY the same as another skill, but requires us to stand in a different location around the enemy (flank or back). Prior to this, the other skill would always have us standing in the same location in order to use it. After obtaining this skill, we now have one of the two skills proc randomly, instead of always being the same. The difference? None, aside from having to stand either in back of the enemy or at its flank.


So why even give DRGs this skill? It yields no dps increase or additional functionality, all it does is complicate an existing part of our rotation by randomizing it and making us have to immediately adapt to the required positional. If anything, this skill has a potential dps LOSS. I don't understand why you would even add this.

The skills I'm referencing are 'Fang and Claw' and 'Wheeling Thrust'. They receive their proc from 'Blood of the Dragon'.




I straight-up hate this system and haven't much to say about it. Especially for gatherers. I understand that things need to change in order to be interesting, but this system alone has killed all desire I have to gear up my level 60 gatherers and I'm not really considering doing it for my crafters either at this point in time. I would like to see other ways of getting our best crafting/gathering gear, not this.




Yep, I'm going here. We've got to do something about how we handle new/poor players for trials and dungeons. DF is almost impossible to clear certain content with. We treat it as if it's the place to go to learn fights... but what do we do when our server PF groups aren't any better than the groups in DF? We really need to be able to use DF to find groups of SKILLED players, that way people can clear content that they are good enough to clear without being held back by players who can't manage to dodge the simplest of aoes or make basic dps check requirements.

I'm not going to bash new players, we were all there at one point. I've made my share of embarassing mistakes, that's for sure. But I research extreme modes and important fights so that I have a better chance of not being the reason my group can't clear a fight. This isn't WoW. In FFXIV one player CAN be the reason that your group cannot clear content. We need to find a way to allow players to learn, while also letting skilled players meet up cross-server and farm fights that they've mastered. I cannot begin to count the times (Titan Ex anyone?) that I've become 100% comfortable with a fight and been unable to clear it because DF/PF continually yields players who can't even get passed the first phase of the fight.

Again, my point isn't to penalize the players trying to learn the content. But we do need to do something for the players who've already learned the content and just want to farm it. It's insanely frustrating to queue up for a fight and then get stuck with a group that after one pull you know is incapable of clearing it. There's also no reason for it either, when you could be paired up with capable players and be farming the fight instead. Please SE, find a way to implement this!




Why do we have to wait months for seasonal items to be accepted by the armoire for storage? SE, can you please take a little bit of initiative and just check the flag for armoire storage when you RELEASE the items? I'm pretty confident that the flag is right there in the data file with all the other item info, should be a simple boolean. The same goes for being able to list these items on the MB, turn that flag on right away too please. I don't see any reason why we're waiting forever to drag these items out of our retainers and either store them or sell them when, typically, all this requires is the switch of a boolean from 0 to 1. The process should not be much more difficult than that.




This is less of a complaint and more of a suggestion. I've gotten some pretty obnoxious/disgusting/rude/etc players in my duties. The problem is that I can't blacklist them and the only recourse I have is to leave the duty, which I'm not going to do because I'm there for a reason + I waited in queue to get there. Also, don't forget the 30min penalty for leaving. That's three penalties that I would have to accept simply because I'm being harassed or extremely annoyed by another player. In WoW they had a right-click blacklist option that put players on temporary blacklist until you logged out. Could you guys look into implementing this feature and adding a version of that to Duties so that we can temporarily mute offensive players for the duration of the duty?




I typically level up via dungeons. Why? Because I want commendations & gear. Plus all my Zodiac Weapon FATE farming has left me more than a little bitter. Unfortunately many of the level 50 dungeons and duties yield zero experience. The mobs give no experience and, if I recall correctly, you get zero experience for bosses or finishing the dungeon as well (unless you queue'd via daily roulette, then you get the roulette experience points). Can you please fix this? You've left us with no route to 51 aside from FATEs and daily roulettes. Us dungeon farmers are pretty well screwed at this point. I also imagine that this has lead to longer queue times for everyone running these dungeons.




Really? I feel like SE got lazy and decided it was too much work to add hunt logs for HW content and the three new jobs. End of the world? Perhaps not, but I personally enjoyed hunt logs. It was always fun to be walking along and come across a hunt log enemy. That just added a little bit of random factor and fun for me. Oh well I guess.




Why do we need 4 crafters to progress to the next phase when building things in the company workshop? Sure it was a cute idea and all, but we have a small group in our FC and this has proved extremely detrimental due to our work and school schedules. It adds nothing to the gameplay and I feel like I'm fighting some random silly SE idea every time I complete a phase. I want to be immersed in the game, not dealing with your silly loopholes. And I'm sure there are plenty of other small FCs out there that have to combat this the entire way too. All this does is make large 'recruit anything that moves' FCs seem more like the only way to play this game. Please, consider the little FCs when you guys add things in the future. Unnecessary restrictions like this only hurt us and have little to no impact on large FCs.


Okay, this took awhile to type up. If anyone is still reading at this point and are irritated by my many complaints and criticisms of SE and game content I'm sorry but nobody forced you to read this. I'm sure you have your own complaints, even if you won't admit it.


I may have a lot of complaints but in the end I DO love this game, that's precisely why I'm complaining! The magic is leaving and there are so many things that are getting in the way of me being able to enjoy this game that I really want SE to start to notice and fix some of these issues and change the way they handle certain things. I'm not trying to break the game, bring anyone down, or spoil the fun. What I've said here is simply what I feel needs to be fixed in order to bring that magic back and make this game better. I just want to see a great franchise and a great stand-alone MMO rekindle the greatness it had for me at one time and become even better.


Does anyone else share in these frustrations? Do you have your own? Do you have ideas on how to improve some of these things? Thoughts about how the story has gone or will go in the future? Share them here! If you just want to flame me for complaining then go to reddit please, that seems to oft be the standard there.


Take care and thank you for reading a random player's rants!

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