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Q: What is Materia?


A: Materia is an armor customization system in FFXIV, similar to gemming systems in games like World of Warcraft. Some armor pieces will have materia slots. These slots can be filled with materia containing stats like Crit Rate, Accuracy, or Strength. Materia can be attached to gear by the appropriate crafting class (Armorsmiths can attach materia to heavy armor, for example).


New materia is created by breaking down armor people have worn. Each piece of gear has a "spirit bond" rating that increases when you gain xp while wearing it. Once it hits 100% it can be converted to materia with a random stat.


You'll have to do a quest at level 20 to turn gear into materia, and another one once a crafting class gets to level 20 to affix materia.


Q: Is there an auction house?


A: FFXIV uses a similar system called the Market. A level 17 story mission grants access to retainers. These retainers will store items and gil for you, as well as sell items on the market. Each retainer can sell 20 items, and you can have two retainers. Buying things can be done at a market board in each town, which works similarly to an auction house in other games. You can search for gear by class and level, or other items by type, and see everyone who's selling things.


Don't worry, it's completely different than the old retainers system in 1.0.


Q: What is a Grand Company?


A: Grand Companies are FFXIV's answer for factions. After a level 20 story mission, you are forced to choose between Grand Companies representing each of the three main cities: Immortal Flames for Ul'dah, Twin Adders for Gridania, and the Maelstrom for Limsa Lominsa. While you represent your Grand Company, you can get Seals to buy special GC equipment, items, and even Chocobo barding (mount armor). Grand Companies also determine which faction you play for in Frontlines PvP. You do not have to choose the same Grand Company as your starting city, and you can switch at any time.


Q: What is a Free Company?


A: Free Companies are like Guilds. Your Free Company will have special benefits like their own forums on the Lodestone and member-wide housing. You can also get Free-Company-wide buffs such as xp bonuses, cheaper teleports, or longer-lasting food buffs. You can only belong to one Free Company at a time.


Q: What is a Linkshell?


A: A Linkshell is like a special chat-room in game. You can pass them out to anyone, either as a special place to hang out, or for a specific purpose. You can belong to 8 Linkshells at once, and they can be accessed in the normal chat window.


Q: Can I play with my friends from level 1?


It depends how industrious you want to be. Your starting class will determine your starting city; GLA, PGL, THM start in Ul'dah; LNC, ARC, CNJ start in Gridania; MRD and ACN start in Limsa Lominsa. If you choose the same city, you can play together immediately. If you choose different cities, it is possible to run to another city to start playing, avoiding the myriad of high level (to you) mobs that want to kill you. Keep in mind though, that your story and class quests will be at your home city, so your progression will be stilted unless you warp back on occasion.


Also, story quests for each city merge after level 15, the same point at which you get access to easy city-to-city transportation. And 15 levels don't take too long.




Q: Is there an auto-sort?


A: Yes! Right click (x button) any item in your inventory, and select "Sort". You can change some of the sorting options in the character menu.


Q: Is there an armor dye option?


A: Yes! Around level 15 you'll find a quest in Western Thanalan that will unlock the armor dye system. The armor icon will have a small dot that's the same color as the dye. Note that not all armor can be dyed; dungeon armor sets couldn't be dyed in phase three.


Q: Is there a vanity system for gear?


Yes! Any piece of visible gear can be made to look like another piece using consumable items called glamour prisms. Glamour prisms can either be crafted or purchased from the Market Boards. Your current job must be able to normally equip both pieces of equipment, and the piece used to glamour must be an equivalent or lower equipment level than the one currently being worn. Once glamoured, equipment will keep its changed appearance until the glamour is dispelled. Keep in mind that Glamouring only changes how equipment looks; it does not affect its stats.


Q: Is there a way to make macros?


A: Yes! However, FFXIV has a fairly simple macro system. You can make macros that use multiple abilities (with waits between each), mark targets, chat, and use emotes. /u/PessimusMax created a fantastic Macro thread for in-depth information.


Q: Is there voice acting in FFXIV?


A: Yes! Voice acting is typically reserved for important story missions in the main scenario, while more mundane missions and quests use only text. Also, you are able to choose the voice-over language, and have subtitles in your client's language. So you can hear Japanese voices and see English subtitles, for example.


Q: Are any choices irreversible? Can I miss anything?


A: For the most part, no. Your starting city is the only known completely irreversible choice. Your starting class will determine your starting city; GLA, THM and PGL for Ul'dah, LNC, ARC and CNJ for Gridania, MRD and ACN for Limsa Lominsa. This locks you into that city's initial storyline, up to level 15. Once you get access to the airship the storyline is the same for every player.


Q: What is Antique Gear used for? Or where is the old ilvl 90 myth gear?


A: Trade in the Antique Gear that drops from the new dungeons to Kakalan in Revenant's Toll for the old i90 myth gear.


Q: I'm a returning player. What's new? What has changed? What did I miss?


A: At the top of /r/ffxiv, check the "Useful Information". This includes what you've missed, what to do at level 50, unlocking new content etc. You need the subreddit stylesheet enabled to see this, if not it's also available in basic format on the sidebar.

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