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FF14GILHUB Gamer : Without Using Retainerto Make FFXIV Gil

More methods of making FFXIV gil were needed during the downtime. At that point, I started think of all the ways one can make make gil without the use of a retainer. Here's all the methods I've found as of patch 3.5. There is a good chance I may have missed one, so leave a comment below should you have another FFXIv gil making method.

FF14GILHUB Gamer : Without Using Retainerto Make FFXIV Gil

- This is the most obvious method of course. Make sure to do them all for over 30,000 gil, as every daily roulette is beneficial.

- Play the highest level dungeons available and always Need/Greed everything. Then sell them to venders once the dungeon is over. Dungeons like Sohr Khai and Hullsbreaker Isle (hard) have equipment that go for a rounded 700gil to 1300gil each.

- Without a retainer, the "Adventuerer in Need" roulette is the #1 way of making gil for it's time and consistency. The best part is that it never goes away, and can be combined with other gil making methods. Have 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 1 DPS class leveled so that you can be ready for any requirement. Then take your pick between the Leveling Roulette, the Level 60 Roulette, and Expert Roulette. Under a NO RETAINER logic, the Leveling Roulette has the most to gain, as it's 9000 gil + 2520 seals on top of any other equipment items you manage to Need/Greed for venders. Expert Roulette is only a close second. (see "SELLING LOOT DROPS TO VENDERS (combat)" for more details)

- This earns it's own category separate from other roulettes. People will no doubt be happy seeing Cape Westwind pop. But combine all trials together, and the average time to complete a trial is about 2 minutes. Some don't even last that long. Others can last up to 5 minutes. But theoretically; if there are no wait times at all, and the party doesn't wipe on first try, Trials "Adventurer in Need" earns the most gil in the game!!! Even more than Leveling roulette, and even more than an Expert dungeon of winning all the need/greed rolls. Sadly, the reality is that ques aren't instant even for whatever the "Adventurer in Need" is requesting. Trials roulette is not always reliable, but still worth checking out. Each completion gives 3240 gil.

Using seals that were presumably won from Roulette: one can exchange them with their grand company for any of the listed items below, and then sell item to NPC vender. 600 seals gets 1 item worth 360 gil.
Note: You must be "Second ____ Lieutenant" Rank.
- Bamboo Paper
- Magicked Oil Cloth
- Glacier Crystal
- Urushi
- Composite Whetstone
- Heat-resistant Plaster
- Clear Fluorite
- Lampblack Linseed Oil
- Camel Hair
- Black Cinnabar
- Duck Bones

- In Foundation, there's something called "Clan Hunt Board" where you can pick up marks for targets. The total gil you get daily from completing all 3 levels is 17500 gil. There's also the elite bill you can do for an extra 5000 gil. Keep in-mind that there will most likely be teleporting fees lowering your earnings, but this is still a great deal, especially for DPS only players. Any seals you earn during the hunt can then be exchanged with Ardolain at the Forgotton Knight for Old World Striking Dummy. Every dummy purchased can them be sold for 1198 gil!! Without retainers, there is no doubt that Clan Hunts are one of the best ways of making gil in the game.

- Challenge Log has side objectives you can do that earn you rewards such as exp for your class and gil for example. The maximum amount gained through challenge log is 88,000 gil per week, assuming you do all gil reward related objectives plus the 30 Unique challenge one. it will take a minimum of 5 days to complete every gil-related challenge due to the treasure maps only spawning once every 18 hours, and still make a profit. Otherwise, all can be completed within a day.
My advice however is to unlock the challenge log, and then ignore it. The end rewards isn't worth the effort when you take time into consideration. And everything listed above can be done at a much faster rate for a larger payout.

- When finished collecting items for your relic, you can exchange your tomes for one of these listed items, and sell them to a vender...
- Minions in Mor Dhona costing 7 Poetic tomes. Each sale gives 60 gil.
- Armor pieces in Idyllshire costing 245 Esoteric Tomes. Each sale is 883 gil.

- Assuming you have a Gathering Class leveled, Treasure Hunts are also a good way of making gil. The amount given varies depending on what kind of map you're using. I recommend doing maps as strong as Peisteskin Maps or higher, as anything weaker will only earn you as much as your teleport bill. Peisteskin / Archaeoskin / Wyvern can earn you as much as 5076 / 5979 / 6090, along with every other item rolled on top of it.

- Beast Tribe quests can also earn you a bit of gil, and can be a good break from dungeons. It's also worth doing if roulette wait times are taking too long. Ultimately, however, Beast Tribe quests fall behind every other method listed above, as you only get about a rounded 400gil to 900gil per quest, on top of the teleport fees that will most likely be factored in. After you max your beast tribe reputations, don't bother with them unless you lack instant ques for Adventurer in Need. Time is money!

- You can do collectable turn-ins for crafting class. However, when factoring repair bills, teleport bills, time it takes to gather the mats, and the time it takes to make collectables, doesn't make it a worthwhile option. Marketboarding your mats almost immediately destroys any profit you may have earned. If for some reason you do pursuit this route; the most money I've ever seen seen for a turn-in is about 2100 gil. There's probably a higher number, but it won't be by much.

13. LEVEMETE ALLOWANCES (Gatherer: Botanist and Miner)
- The younger sibling of battlecraft. I say this because overall, the quests net you even less money, and take longer to complete overall! Still earns you more gil than what is listed below, but overall is just better to avoid.

- The younger version of Clan Hunting. Without teleporting fees, it's 7000 gil earned for dailies. And another 5000 for a weekly. You can then exchange 20 Allied Seals with Hunt Billmaster at your Grand Company for one of these listed items below. The item can then be sold to the vender for for 488 gil!
- Weathered Noct Wristlets
- Weathered Gloam Wristlets
- Weathered Auroral Wristlets

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