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FFXIV Guide Have completed it's quest line up to the lv50 quest

As new players come in and try to get ready and prepped for the new FFXIV Heavensward content, I felt it may suit some to know exactly what is (probably) needed in order to play the new content. So in this guide I'll be listing in 3 categories, what is needed to be done, what is optional but can affect optional FFXIV Heavensward content, and what is completely useless to accessing new content.




Class/Job Quests

For your main class/job, you will need to have completed it's quest line up to the lv50 quest which nets you your last ability and AF chest piece. Not only is this required in order to access the quests for your class/job in FFXIV Heavensward, but they will aid you in gearing your character. Professions such as Weaver or Miner will need to be progressed up to the end of their quest lines in order to continue in Heavensward as well.


If you have not obtained your job class for some reason, you will need to do so. In order to obtain a job class you will need to level up a certain separate class to lv15 in order to unlock the initial job class quest which should pop up near your trainer. 


Main Story Line Quests

Considering what happens in the story and for the fact that the story line is the key to unlocking essential ffxiv dungeons, it will be essential to complete the story line up to the end of the 2.55 story line. This means the successful completion of the following:



Hero on the Halfshell

More than a Feeler




The Whorleater (Hard)

The Striking Tree (Hard)

The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard)

The Chrysalis

The Steps of Faith


FFXIV Dungeons

The Sunken Temple of Qarn


The Keeper of the Lake


It is not required to do optional dungeons such as Satasha (Hard), though if these dungeons were to get an extreme mode in a later update, then the previous versions of that dungeon would have to be done in order for the extreme version to unlock.


Gearing Up

In order to complete the Main Storyline, players will need an average ffxiv items level of 90, which can be obtained by using Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery and Poetics or running dungeons starting from Hullbreaker Isle onwards. Alternatively, you may also invest the time to try and get Labyrinth of the Ancients done in order to unlock Syrcus Tower, which has the lowest avg item requirement for the highest return in terms of gear. If you have the money somehow, you can also buy the required items. It is recommended that you try to farm at least some of the gear in order to save as much money as possible.




Challenge Log

While not "required," the challenge log is a major boon in terms of gaining experience and gil for doing things that you're already doing anyway. If you haven't unlocked this by now, you should do it BEFORE you start doing what is needed for the Main Storyline quests.


Hildibrand/Postmoogle Quests

While I doubt the 3.0 content will continue either of the quest lines, I'm 100% certain that they will be continued in the patches following the expansion. Not only are these questlines very enjoyable, they also give you unique vanity items. While the Postmoogle quests can be leisurely completed, the Hildibrand quests require the completion of several trials which aren't all that hard, but you won't find a ton of players in the Duty Finder for them. As such, it may be more advantageous to use the Party Finder in order to group up and complete them.


Beast Dailies

The Beast tribe reputation quests not only grant you mounts, minions, and a cool unique headpiece, but will probably be continued in Heavensward, granting access to new features. It roughly takes 30 days of farming to max out the rep of a Beast tribe, which means it will take ~150 days in order to complete them all to their max reputation pre-3.0. They have the added bonus of providing profession materials and inks at base prices which are usually lower than the market board.


Hunting Log

While I imagine you probably completed this as you leveled up since it gives a gratuitous amount of experience per log completed, it will need to be completed if you wish to have access to the Heavensward Hunting logs.


Grand Company Rank

While it isn't required, it's very possible that the ability to use flying mounts will be tied in with the Grand Companies. In order to rank up the Grand Companies you will need a large amount of seals, and complete their Hunting Logs, which will require the completion of both "Dzemael Darkhold" and "Aurum Vale" during Grand Company quests, and the completion of "Hatali," "Sunken Temple of Qarn," and "Wanderer's Palace" in order to complete Ranks of their Hunting Log.


Gold Saucer

You will need to complete the introductory Gold Saucer quest in order to obtain access to the Gold Saucer. There's a very high possibility that this area will see updates during the Heavensward expansion. 




Extreme Mode

The Extreme mode Primals will have no bearing on Heavensward primals and unlocking their modes. They will however still drop their mounts, which means players will still probably be grouping for them. Unfortunately, they'll probably be wanting experienced players who are item level synced, so it's more advantageous to come back to these once you've completed a bit of Heavensward content.


Binding Coil of Bahamut

While these Raids are needed for PS3/PS4 and in-game achievements you'll be hard pressed to find a group for them unless you join a Free Company that continually does older content in order to get vanity items or for completion bonuses. Keep in mind that this content will still be VERY hard because of the level sync and will require knowledge of the mechanics in order to complete.



Older modes of PvP will be very hard to join in a group for, so it's best to focus on PvE content unless you find a few friends who want to do it. These older PvP modes will have no bearing on the unlocking or gearing for new content, so it's really a dead venue for 3.0


A Relic Reborn

While these quests will probably still be available by 3.0 it is NOT something to be taken up by the faint of heart, especially since new players will be able to skip this series of quests in 3.1 with the new Heavensward relic (though veteran players with Zodiac Zeta do get some advantage). If you do decide to take up this daunting task this late in the game, you will need to unlock ALL dungeons and Hard mode trials in order to do so, and additionally acquire a ton of materia, market board items, and gil. Most of all, Relics take time to complete, and the amount of attention you put into it results in how fast you complete it.


Crystal Tower

While Syrcus Tower, as stated in the "Gearing Up" section, can be a major boon towards getting you to Heavensward content as quickly as possible, it is very hard to find a group to do so. The fact that these Raids will not be required to unlock anything in Heavensward further compounds their uselessness besides vanity items.


Sightseeing Log

While this may be expanded upon with FFXIV Heavensward, it's very unlikely that it will aid at all in progression and give nothing but self satisfaction and vanity.


Leveling up your Chocobo

This right here will break a player since you cannot queue up in the Duty Finder and have a chocobo out at the same time, which means you have to commit to specifically leveling up your chocobo. The chocobo companion is a major boon if given the healer job if you plan to complete the Alexandrite portion of the Relic quest, and since you're already going to be doing a lot of stuff outside of dungeons, it's helpful to have them out so they can level up too (Just to put perspective on this, my chocobo is rank 7, and I've been playing since 2.0. That's WITH me having him out whenever I fate farmed or wasn't Duty Finding for something).


The Hunt

While like Syrcus Tower, you can Gear up really quickly if you Hunt farm, there's the distinct possibility that no one will be doing the Hunts when Heavensward comes out. This means that A ranks will become very difficult to party find for and S ranks just normally won't spawn. If for some reason that there still is a wave of players doing Hunts, then it will probably be the easiest way to gear up to ilevel 90 since it provides both tomes of soldiery and hunt marks which can be used to obtain ilevel 100 gear.


Roaming Primals

These guys are the "Once in a blue moon" encounters that are already extremely difficult to complete. The two included in this are Odin and King Behemoth, and both are connected to FATEs that can't be seen on the main map and require an army of players to complete. While the vanity items that can be bought with the seals that these two drop are both awesome and rare, it can be very difficult to gather the players needed before they despawn. This is only made difficult further by the random nature of their spawns, which can sometimes take 7 or more days from the last time they spawned. As such, they are obviously not needed for progression or unlocks and Odin's armor vanity can be farmed through the "Urth's Fount" Trial.



Let me know if I missed anything, if you find something substantial that needs to be added to the list, then I will credit you for it. Keep in mind that I organized these BEFORE 3.0 came out, which means all of it may change when Heavensward does in fact come out.

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