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FFXIV has way more in common with WoW than FFXI or any other FF game

To those saying FFXI is dead I still play the game and there are still people around, not to mention that there is a plan to remake it to be playable on mobile devices along with its spinoff FFXI grandmasters. So to anyone saying that it is dead that is sort of hilarious. Less populated certainly, the servers are down to a few hundred on at all times of day *shrugs* that said it still has that many players a decade and a half after its release in spite of there being so many games with better graphics that are F2P.

All of that out of the way there are a number of things XIV could learn from XI. To name a few~


Events: one of the huge things that people are always going to complain about is that every event is ruled by fates, almost every single event. Final Fantasy XI made every event unique, from the summer event where you would /dance along with an npc to power up her attacks while fighting a fun-spoiling villian. To wandering around in a magic costume giving and receiving candy to/from npcs.


Or the stolen samurai armor quest where you needed to knock around a bunch of thieves outside of the cities with as many other people as you could gather, or the scavenger hunt or goldfish scooping or stealth quests, or the valentine's quest where you needed to smack the male lead of an in-game play to keep him from wandering off to flirt with npc girls. All of them were unique and many of them encouraged interactions with other players.


Quests in general: Many quests in FFXI give you an insight into the day to day lives of the worlds inhabitants, all the Npc's have stories, jobs, families, and yes they have troubles~ one womans husband is a guard who is frequently outside of the city walls on patrol, she asks you to take him medicine because she worries about him being alone out there. 


A mithra (miqo'te) asks you to take a letter and a gift to her daughter in their home in the city slums~ you can choose to open the letter and read it (mind you the lady will know that you did it) which turns out to be a loving exchange between the mother and her daughter promising that she is doing her best to get the two of them out of that situation. You can later find out that she has infact been resorting to thievery to try and improve her daughters quality of life.


Or there is a humble gate guard that starts up a quest chain that brings a historical figure from Vana'diels history in to the present from an era of civil war. And you get to slowly see this man decide to turn against his own side in order to establish the peace the current era enjoys as a result of seeing how much better things are, it is one of the most amazing questlines in the game and it is entirely optional. 


The list of quests just goes on and on and all of them have the power to make you /care/ about the random Npc's you come across. And the best part? All of them /remember/ that you helped them, and treat you as such rather than going back to not knowing you exist. And beyond that you can literally just run in to fun little insights in to day to day life for people at random, like talking to an npc that sparks a cutscene that had the cities religious leader come out to give a speech, there is no quest or anything it is just there~


The character gets involved during cutscenes: not so much at first, but starting by CoP and steadily growing from there you can expect to see your character getting fairly frequent dialogue choices and being spoken to by the story characters like a living breathing part of the story, a friend~ who actually has an opinion that matters.


Heavensward is getting there with the dialogue choices


Community: Long story short a lot of the time it feels like there just isn't one. Because why should there be when anything that you need done can either be done solo or through dutyfinder? It is not uncommon to walk through the game feeling like a solo player among other solo players or very small groups rather than a part of any sort of in-game community because there is no real need for anyone to interact outside of their FC's~ some of which are literally flaunted as being built up for nothing but the bonuses available and are /still/ solo-oriented.


Some of my fondest memories of FFXI are simple moments where someone would come along and save somebody else from a bad situation just because, then stand around and chat, possibly even becoming friends. You could generally expect that most of the people you come across are going to be friendly and helpful because there was a strong possibility that they may end up partying together at some point. Sure sometimes you would come across someone rude but generally speaking that sort of person wasn't around very long because eventually nobody would party with them.


Dutyfinder takes that sense of community away entirely and allows for players to pretty much be toxic beyond reason to deal with /because they can be and will still advance/ those sort of "i don't have time for mistakes you f***ing noobs!" types that you are sure to run in to atleast once every few dungeons. 


Or the types who run palace of the dead with you only to turn around and deliberately die on the last floor so they can grind weapons without discussing the fact that they plan to do so ahead of time, why should they care? You are just some random person who happens to be in their party so it isn't like it matters if they royally wreck things for you and everyone else.


My most recent random chat with people waiting around in the high level hubtown? Immediately treated like an unwelcome attempt to be social~ use tells, or join a party together, don't you dare be social in /say I am much too busy standing here waiting for dutyfinder to send me off on my daily roulette to deal with people being nice to one another.


A great deal of the content in XI was originally geared twards making each servers community in to a community, only now that the population is lower have they inplimented things like Trust magic to help players play through content solo, yet even now with that going on you can still expect random instances of fun with total strangers.


Dealing with RMT: FFXI has a fairly large commited task force whose entire goal in life is to get rid of rmt, you send in a much easier to fill out report and within five minutes you can expect that your report has been read, investigated, dealt with. You can literally time it so you know the exact moment the rmt in question has been gotten rid of~ because you will get a thank you letter as that persons name gains a red ball of death and the character is suddenly erased from existence.


On my blue mage i formed the immortal lions, big group of people who would on occasion go around in full blue mage artifact gear being spooky while helping the task force to make RMT disappear, i did 124~ reports myself 123~ of which i got to see the person deleted for, the last was inconclusive.


Point being that there was actually communication between the players and GM's it was easy to access, quickly responded to because they had the manpower to do so. And you could actually get to be on friendly terms with the GMs and task force because again~ community


Now I could keep going all day but it would be silly, do I think that FFXIV should be FFXI 2.0? /no I do not/ i will be playing FFXI until it shuts down but that does not mean that I want it to replace FFXIV, they are two different things. I am grateful for the things in XIV that came from or were inspired by XI, like the races we play, and many of the monsters we fight. And I /loved/ the crossover events and the fact that Iroha stayed in Eorzea since she is literally your xi characters number 1 fan/student and her whole event was just a heartwarming rush of memories for me but overall I think they should remain separate beyond things XIV may borrow from in the future



Do I think that XIV could /learn/ anything from XI? yes I do, all of those things that I listed I believe would be improvements to the game in general. Things that could add to it without overshadowing what XIV has established and which could add to the overall experience of playing.

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