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FFXIV Heavenswar - What City or Class makes the most sense for the Xaela?

Mine may/may not be a stretch due to lore reasons (I haven't had someone proofread it yet ), but here's how I fit things in:


My character's tribe was one of those that was defeated and absorbed by the Jhungid tribe. In an attempt to save their daughter from being forced into war against their rival tribe, the Kharlu, her parents entrusted her care to a small group of merchants, which was to traverse from the eastern coastlands to the colony of Sharlayan. She was only an infant at this time, unnamed and with no record of her past. When at last the merchant group arrived at their final destination, they actually ended up attempting to sell her as a servant. The buyer ended up being from a very small family of a forgotten tribe of Keepers of the Moon: and that family happened to be particularly adept in the field of Sharlayan astrology. They gave her her first name, as well as their clan name. (My character actually started as a Miqo'te and I had to think of a way to make the name still work, so..) They regarded her as being blessed by Nymeia for having safely made it all this way and for having fallen into their hands rather than the hands of someone who would use her as a slave. Naturally, they began to teach her Sharlayan astrology... and it became apparent that she had an incredible talent for harnessing the powers of celestial aether. As her power grew, it eventually caught the attention of the site, which began to show concern at the fact that such a young Astrologian could harness the power that she could. Eventually, they set out to apprehend her.


Worried what might happen to her at the hands of the site, her family, when she was around 7 years old, made the painful decision to send her off again with a group of merchants: this time to Ishgard. This time, they sent with her a letter that she was to serve as an assistant at Ishgard's Athenaeum Astrologicum (a place with which the family had plenty of friendly and scholarly correspondences), and that, due to "safety concerns", she was to wear the masked, hooded cloaks she was sent with at all times. (A being with horns and scales in Ishgard, especially the Pillars would, after all, prove problematic.) She lived here the remainder of her childhood, until shortly after the Calamity, when increased activity from the dragons put the city on high alert. Word got out among the High Houses (which, of course, eventually reached the Heavens' Ward) that there was a "child of sin" among them, and a witch hunt began. With the aid of the only friend she was able to make throughout her stay there and yet another merchant's carriage that was arranged for her, she was forced to flee into the night, seeking refuge in Gridania. She continued to study Sharlayan astrology and practice it in secret, while aiding the Conjurer's guild and learning the arts of conjury herself.

Aaaand that's about as condensed of a version as I can get it. It's a lot longer and more complicated than that, but that's the gist of it. To be honest, a lot of me trying to figure out her backstory was built around me trying to fit the things I had imagined for her in with what the game presented. Still a lot of tweaking to be done, but I feel like the rough outline there MIGHT be solid enough.


I started in Gridania as a WHM intending to main AST, and that's how I managed to (sort of) make it work. You might actually have better luck if you request that this thread be moved to the guide. Not that this was a bad place to ask this question, but you'll probably find a lot better insight there.


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