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FFXIV Ragnarok Far Beyond Reality (FRAY) needs you

Hi there folks!


Far Beyond Reality (FRAY) is a new international guild founded in Final Fantasy XIV Ragnarok server recently. All english speaking players are welcome, no matter if you're casual, hardcore, new or veteran. If you're a mature and nice player FRAY wants you!


Our goals are the following:

Being a social Free Company, drama-free.

Helping our fc members in trials, missions, crafts, answering questions... whatever they need.


Having at least one or more statics raiding content in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward (atm core members are in a static with people from other fc's).


Having some members dedicated on crafting, to enjoy this part of game too.

Having a FFXIV FC house and airship in the future.


More details about raiding:


Our core, master and officers are raiding in a static till the end of "classic" ARR. We started raiding 2 months ago and atm we're in T13 phase 4. We expect to finish all content before Heavensward release. We didn't have much time to beat all content but it seems we're getting it in time ^^


For Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward we'll have some spots open in our main raiding group, and even we can create a second one if there are enough people interested, so feel free to asking us if you're interested in raiding, no matter your class or previous experience in FF, all dedicated raiders are more than welcome.


If you have any questions, you can write us here in this post, or whisper any of the following in Final Fantasy XIV Ragnarok server: Syri Moon, Lephyaran Darkham or Odile Nara.


Thanks for reading this, have a nice day!

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So Thursday's maintenance is supposed to bring crafting/gardening adjustments

In 2.0 ingots (with the exception of electrum) required 3 base components, in Heavensward they require 6 for nuggets and ingots require 1 nugget and 4 components from hidden nodes.


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Melee's won't want to que for PVP because half their skills become unusable in half the scenarios (so take out Melee Final Fantasy XIV DPS and tanks) because they have to chase people to playing Benny Hill music and even though the skill is -attempting- to activate

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