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Final Fantasy XIV - Here is my list of things that i would like to be changed

Hello, everyone!!


I'm not going to talk about the housing stuff, region rewards restrictions but something else.

1. 1 million ffxiv gil cap on trade: I really see no point in keeping this. Yes they say it's to make the ffxiv gilseller life harder, etc. but while Final Fantasy XIV Gil sellers will not care at all about this restriction, it makes honest people life harder. I'm a crafter for example, I happen to sell stuff via trade to some other people that ask me to make them something, but if the item is worth, let's say, 3m, there is no way i can trade him the item on the first trade, i will have to ask him to give me 2m in advance and then i'll trade him the item on the 3rd trade.


2.Can't teleport or interact with stuff while trade window is open: Really, how can this be a thing? The trade command should obviously have a confirmation box (if you played FFXI you know what i'm talking about) or at least shouldn't deny me to do anything else.

Yes you can avoid it by switching to /busy status, but that's not a proper solution because i can't receive /tells that way.


3. PvP restricted by factions: sometimes i would like to enjoy some PvP, but if you want to invite some friends from a different company, it's not possible.

Really, this is not WoW with the alliance and the horde, those are players that CAN'T player together, while in FFXIV we have friends/people of different factions that CAN be invited in the same group, and we should be allowed to queue together.

Those infinite queue times, also happen for this reason. I LOVED pvping in wow but here is close to impossible.


4. Can't send stuff to alts: Yes I know what some of you will say, there is no reason to create another character we can do everything on the same character etc. etc.

Only on paper though, in practice it's totally different.

Some reasons to make another character? Fully gear other jobs(we can't do this on 1 character with the lore cap), level specialists that you don't have on your main.

Sometimes you might think it would be fun to create another character and enjoy trying another race/city, so if I got a lot of stuff on my main I should be able to send stuff on my second character to boost him, "obviously" this would be too cool and is not allowed, 

to stop ffxiv gilsellers(?) This reason is getting old, the real reason is probably because it would be harder to sell additional retainers since people would start using alts to store extra stuff, still this is probably the only MMO i encountered that does this. Not to mention that retainers are probably the worst thing ever created, a bank would have been much better, and here comes another issue with retainers.


5.Can't keep other items for sale while changing prices: this is one of the worst issue with retainers, I happen to sell 20 items at once, and to change the price of one, i have to REMOVE 20 items from the market.

While doing this, people will just buy the next item they see and i'll lose Final Fantasy XIV Gils for that.

Happened to me more than once, I remember i was selling an allagan replica, i called my retainer to change the price on some other stuff and in the same minute they buy a replica, all because of this crappy system.


6. Final Fantasy XIV Gil transfer limit: 3 years passed since FFXIV 2.0 came out, i'm pretty sure a lot of people joined/quitted and the economy is almost the same on every server (well, except the less populated ones, maybe).

Thing is: is the 1 million ffxiv gil cap transfer still needed? Who doesn't have more than 1 million nowdays? I know a guy in my FC that started the game a while ago and farmed more than 2mil by selling silver ore at lv 30~

I thought about exploring other servers sometimes, but there is no way i would drop all my earned money, so i'm not encouraged to do so.

Yes, you might say, people can buy stuff and sell on the new server, etc. but while i think about the hassle i should go through, I lose the desire.

Still by doing so, prices fluctuate often and taxes will unavoidably kill some money. 

This limit should go away.


7. Cap on raid members: Not much to say about this, I always thought the 8 man "raid" composition was too small, but this is another problem.

What i would like to see instead is the use of the flex raid system like some other games do, i think it's a great addition to MMOs that use it so the encounter scales with the number of people that you have in party. 


8. Rotations are too much scripted: This happens for both bosses and players, and i think it's more evident for dps and tanks, not sure about healers. 

I never found a game where rotation were so much strict and scripted, on every boss you are forced to act like you are doing the usual target dummy rotation or you'll just lose dps, there is no other way to actually do it unless you wanna push bad dps.

3.0 made this even worse, locking abilities behind other abilities (Fire IV is just an example).


9. Can't swim: yes i admit, this would be probably a useless addition to the game right now, still i think it would give a better sense of freedom in the open world, really why is my character so scared of taking a bath?

Many MMOs have it since start, i don't understand why everything is so hard to implement in this game. You also can't land on some random rocks/building while flying on the open map, i tested that the other day.


That the world feels empty/not interactive, while other MMOs got a huge fun world to explore and enjoy. When people asked for a better open world Square Enix gave us the hunts, well i'm sure that's not what people expected when they asked for making the open world alive. Hunts are just: wait for call/look for a specific monster, teleport there, kill it in 1 minute, and teleport back to the city or whatever you were doing, exploration is still dead.

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