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Final Fantasy XIV Conjurer's (Second-Job) Geomancer (Support/DPS)

Quake - Instant Cast - 15 yrds Stomp AoE - Damage's All targets with 15 yrds dealing 180 potency with 40% heavy 12 seconds. and disturbs ability/spell casting CD 30 seconds

Flood - Shoot's Five Waterly Bolts each deal 80 potency each restoring 3% MP has 2.00 cast-time.


Tempest - cause's massive storm damage's all nearby targets dealing 80 potency every 3 seconds 15 seconds (additional effect: Aero 3 - Applies deals additional dot deals 140 potency every 3 seconds 21.


Master of Storms - Place's a buff whole party/raid on the Geomancers after summoning either a sandstorm, rainstorm or torando on the battle each dealing 80 potancy damage to all enemies.


Master of the Dessert Buff - Every 30 Seconds "Stoneskin" will replay. cost you no mp on everyone on party.


Master's of the Rain - Every 15 seconds everyone in raid gain "Refresh/Regan" for 9 seconds"


Master's of the Storm - Every 30 seconds (Haste) will be applied meaning skill speed,spell speed and movement speed will increase by 20%.


Delta-Force - Damage's Single-Target with 320 potency and heals all nearby allies near the monster you just hit 400 potency Instant cast (delta force can only be casted when you have casted earth, air and water spell in a rotation)


Geomancer's used mostly focus on damage then healing so they rolling dps in parties, they supply nice buffs and carry the benefit's of conjurer. when comes to support they outclass any other class.

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