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Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay lacking excitement?

So, after a while of playing the game I think that the game is a bit... well, luckluster, maybe even outright boring. I do not mean to flame, mind you. Rather, I want to ask if I'm the only one feeling like this about the game.


While I haven't arrived at endgame yet and understand well that the early levels aren't as challenging so casuals can get into the game as well, in my book there's just NO challenge at all mid-game, at least as a DPS.


Archer I can play with one hand, having to press merely 3 buttons and sometimes a forth while waiting for the huge GCD. I don't even have to look at the screen really, but can without much effort watch some cartoons on the side. While this may change with bosses being heavier on mechanics, the general "wait... button... wait..." scheme stays the same, since there won't be that many new skills to come that are really useful (except for BRD spells which are situational).

Then, BLM is hugely the same. Stand still, spam fire, transpose, spam ice and refresh thunder. This will only get "more challenging" by adding firestarter and thundercloud procs. Also, with rather long casttimes having to dodge an AoE just means no damage for 3-5 seconds. That's not challenging, that's just bad design, as those aoes aren't that predictable.


Even playing as a healer isn't that challenging. You mostly stand around and heal or do a bit of damage as well and while some of my guildmates told me that endgame content will be heavier on boss mechanics I can't help but feel like the combat itself is quite boring. On the other hand, I used to play games with action combat like TERA and Vindictus before, so maybe I'm just a bit spoiled.


What do you guys think? Is the combat system fine or not, and if so, how could it be improved? Do you think small changes like lower GCD are enough or that fighting had to be completely revamped to get better?


Personally, I still think the game is fun, however I am progress oriented and love me a good challenge, whereas the game is designed to be friendlier towards casual players. I think getting rid of the tab targeting and replacing it with action combat would be amazing (what is this, 2003?), mostly because I highly dislike evade rate as a stat. Or rather, I think that gameplay styles like those in FF14 are mostly a comparison of stats. It's the same in Skyrim for example. You hit a mob, mob hits you, and if your stats and gear are good enough you win. There's just not that much skill involved. Completely reworking this game aspect is practically impossible though, so yeah. Maybe making the combat faster by reducing GCD and cast times might be a change for good. 


Also, I want to note again (just to be sure) that I haven't yet done endgame content, so please consider this before yelling at me 

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