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Final Fantasy XIV PvP is designed around the idea that casters are insanely dangerous



In PvE, casters mostly just Final Fantasy XIV dps. In PvP, casters become mostly about crowd control. No one is worried about BLM’s dps; they are concerned because of AoE Sleep and Final Fantasy XIV AoE Bind. The way you play caster in PvP couldn’t possibly be more different than how you play in PvE. Especially for BLM, this is such a drastic change from how the job usually plays that it’s difficult to imagine casual players would enjoy it very much.




In PvE, healers mostly manage their MP and everyone else’s HP, as well as their enmity. In Final Fantasy XIV PvP, healers have to manage their MP, everyone’s HP, and, well, tank. Your average healer will already be turned off of PvP just because of being the priority target for everyone, so it would make sense to make PvP as inviting as possible to offset this, but instead we have…




In PvP, ANY successful attack on a caster or healer will interrupt their spellcasting. No other job faces this kind of severe handicap. If you hit a physical dps, they don’t automatically miss. Especially in 1v1 situations, casters are basically useless in the face of ANY OTHER JOB assuming basic competency of all parties.


In “other MMOs”, instead of interrupting your spell entirely, the cast time would be extended, making your spell take longer to come out. I think this is a much more acceptable trade-off, since essentially any job can “stun lock” you simply by attacking you, and if you use abilities like Equanimity or Surecast to “guarantee” a cast, that’s when your opponent will use a stun or silence to stop your cast. A determined tank or physical dps can make absolutely sure that casters and healers aren’t doing ANYTHING that isn’t instant cast. They can even lock down a whole group of casters and/or healers by using Final Fantasy XIV AoE skills.




There are a few problems with targeting:


Any non-instant damage spell can be easily interrupted not only by attacking the caster or healer, but also by running in circles around them, so that their facing is “wrong” when the spell comes out. Between normal attacks, stuns, silences, and erratic movement, it’s quite challenging to land any spells at all on your opponent in anything close to a 1v1 situation, which is especially frustrating since physical dps generally do way more damage than casters to begin with.


Anyone you’re casting a spell on can simply run away. If you want to KO someone as a BLM, they are probably just going to run off. You might get 1-2 Fire Is out there before they move out of range, but since you can’t move and cast at the same time, anyone determined to get away from you is going to get away.


This applies to other jobs as well, but especially with something like 72 player Slaughter, it’s an absolute nightmare to target anyone in particular quickly and efficiently. It probably isn’t a good idea to highlight the flaws in the tab targeting system by introducing so many potential targets all at once. It would be better to give players more of a reason to spread out into manageable numbers.




Unlike physical dps, casters can’t “chase” anyone. The only threat from casters comes from quick, concentrated attacks from multiple players. 3-4 BLMs with support from melee and tanks who get in the way of players who might try to attack the BLMs can cause heavy damage, whereas a single BRD can ruin the plans of dozens of casters and healers with a single Wide Volley.


It’s understandable that spells like Flare and Fire III can’t be cast while moving, but it’s really annoying that you can’t cast anything at all that isn’t instant while moving. This may have made sense in terms of PvE when casters were doing damage competitive to melee ffxiv dps, but since melee dps have been greatly buffed in terms of damage and wildly outdamage casters even with lots of mechanics forcing movement (which honestly at this point punishes casters way more than melee), it makes less sense to restrict their casting so severely from a PvE standpoint and makes them very boring to play from a PvP standpoint (especially to casual players who are just going to want to lob spells at people, not stand still and get swarmed by everyone, then try to run off and get pulverized while being unable to really fight back effectively).


This was made even worse by Scathe being halved in damage just before PvP came out, limiting the effectiveness of BLM dps on the move for both PvE and PvP.




It’s understandable that you can no longer “bluff” a caster LB in PvP, but you lose LB gauge even if an enemy player interrupts the LB, which, honestly, is ridiculous. Casters have enough problems not being wailed on constantly as it is, without being punished even further by having their LB gauge destroyed because someone hit them before they could finish using LB.




I can’t imagine the average casual players wants to be a striking dummy for all of the tanks and physical dps in large-scale PvP arenas, and casters are the one role that can’t dps very effectively without a coordinated effort from other players (you might get worried about a physical dps chasing you around by themselves, but you’re probably never going to be too concerned with a caster chasing you – chances are you’re just going to turn around and annihilate that caster).


On top of everything else, casters can also sustain the least damage out of everyone else, so it seems like the deck is severely stacked against the casual player who doesn’t have the hardcore PvP skills, communication, and/or support network to make playing caster in PvP an enjoyable experience.


Basically, PvP is designed around the idea that casters are insanely dangerous and you need to do everything possible to limit their power. While a group of coordinated casters can indeed cause a lot of problems for everyone, the power of the individual caster is limited so much that your average casual player probably feels pretty useless.

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