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Final Fantasy XIV Story of Minfilia

Part 1


Minfilia is a antedecent of the scions of the seven dawn. She acts as a major questgiver in Final fantasy xiv We first met her in the waking sands as we showed clear signs of the gift of echo. She asks us to join her. To stop the primal threat and ultimatly save whole of eorzea. But who is she?why is she so importent . Well lets learn a bit about her past first.


Her Childhood is quite interesting as she was born in the empire and later moved with her father warburton to eorzea. Her father worked as a spy. But after sometime has passed her father decided to betray his homeland. After which a spymaster started to hunti him and his daughter Minfilia then known as Ascilia. They ran to uldah in order hide from the empire and were somewhat safe. Until one day when there was an festival. Now I am not exactly sure what festival it was as I didnt find any information about it. But there something bad happens to Ascilia. There was a sudden incident,a goobbue beast managed to escape and startet rampaging in the streets of parade. Where the beast noticed Ascilia. It started moving towards her in order to eat her. Ascilia was too scared too suprised at the sudden change of an event in order to move. Ascilias father saw it walking towards his daughter. He knew there was no way to escape from the beast so he did what had to do. As he threw himself fearlessly in front of the creature in order to give his daughter a chance to escape. But then suddenly 2 passerbys came to help. But saddly they came to late as the goobdue managed to critically wound her father. The 2 heroes who saved ascilias life were Niellefresne and a stranger called Thancred. 


When the culprit discovered of the death of Ascilias father warburton she ran to her and begged for Ascilias forgiveness as it wasnt her intention to kill anyone. She only wished to be a hero by slaying the goobdue beast. There is a short story that details the events.


White and red. A flurry of petals, falling upwards into the sky. Like rain returning to

the clouds.Please come back to me, Father. Please...

Incense and unguent. I can’t breathe... She waited for the telltale rise and fall of his

chest. Eyes closed, he looked as though he was asleep. Almost. I am not ready to say good-bye.Burning. The desert sun baked the nape of her neck as she clenched her hands and stared at the liars.Her father had warned her that Ul’dah was dangerous—that they must keep to themselves and avoid attracting undue attention. In the end, however, it was not an imperial agent who took his life, but a goobbue, freed from its magical fetters during a parade. An accident. My fault.“I’m so sorry, Ascilia. I never thought... We never meant for...”

Her fault.“I know this wrong cannot be righted, but I will make what amends I can, I swear to you.”


Murderer . It had been their scheme. They would stop the goobbue and become

heroes to the people. No one was supposed to die. But you will. All of you.

Yet F’lhaminn weathered her curses and held her tighter. Even when it hurt you to

do so. And though the hatred which once filled her heart did not vanish, it gave way

to another sensation a warmth Ascilia once ─ thought lost to her.


Mother. It was solely a means to maintain the fiction. Her father’s Garlean

spymasters still sought Ascilia for her father’s betrayal, but no one would seek

“Minfilia,” an Ala Mhigan orphan adopted by an Ul’dahn woman seeking to fill the

void left by her lover’s death. Just another lie, she told herself. Woven with the truth,

but a lie nonetheless .


And then, one day, it wasn’t anymore.

The culprit introduced herself as F'lhaminn. She felt guilty of what had happend and decided to take Ascilia into her own care. She renamed her to Minfilia as to not attract any attention from the Garlean Empire.Later as time passed Minfilia grew depressed, To the point where she was desperate enough as to ask the aid of an necromancer. The same person who had slayed the goobdue beast who killed her father. What she asked was terrible She wished to resurrect her father. To return him to his daughters side. But alas that plan did not work as the necromancer was assassinated by mysterious figure.... Now i dont know who assassinate the necromancer. But i think it could be an assassin from the empire or someone who didnt like necromancers very well.when she reached the age of 18 she met up with a friend called thancred. Who was one of the two who slayed the beast that killed her father. She recived a letter explaining about 6th umbral era where the land was swalloved by the sea. 12 archons raise to fight the darkness each whom bore the blessing. The letter continuing: There are 2 things that are certain 1: their power that they bore was echo and second you too bore the same power minfilia. Thancred then warned her that they maybe be on the verge of the seventh umbral era and that understanding and learning from the power of echo. The diaster could be stopped. you have no obligation to us nor to the realm,come to that. But for better or worse this is your legacy Stated Thancred. After that she joined the circle and startet traveling the world with the circles master called louisoix. They searced the world

for answers. But being she wasnt no scholar she decided to find her asnwers some other way. Shesent letter to loisoix detailing her travels. There are more like, but different.


We wander in the darkness alone, but if we came together and shared our experiences we iht yet come to understand the power of echo mayhap even control it. Lousioix : A slendind idea yet one fraughtwith peril he warned her: as you well now, men aret wont to fear the gifted.


Proceed with caution my child and do not allow your true intentions to become known.Minfilia could not help but to smile as she read that letter and answer only that: this child is more experienced than you think.After which she founded the path of the twelve. To outside lookers it was no different to other obscure religion sect devoted to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge.

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