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Final Fantasy XIV Tanking Troubles

Hi everyone! 

I've had FFXIV for a little over a month and it's my very first MMO. I got some great advice because I was a little confused about my gladiator class and moved up to Paladin because I was told it would help me with my tanking. 


Now, I seem to be having trouble during dungeons. Apparently I'm unable to keep the aggro on me and even though I've read a lot about tanking and keep doing what I've read or been told to do, I still can't seem to tank right.I'm on a PS4 so typing to my party members during battle is super hard but I get chastised and all of the members talk a bunch of sh*t.


Can someone help?

The following is a friend for advice:

Level 41 Gladiator as of typing this post...

Shield Oath is your best friend. Wear it with pride.

Don't be afraid to spend Fight or Flight before any pull. It's practically required to keep up with endgame FFXIV DPS, so if you have it to apply before a big bad baddie, go for it.

If you're not swinging, Flash. It's zero loss on you to drop it while positioning or dodging AoE's.

As well as broadcasting your lack of experience with where you're headed into, don't be afraid to take a second to mark a kill order. Markings' usefulness drops hard at level 50, but before that, most players will respect it and let you 1-2-3 combo your target to keep enmity. Still, don't forget to Flash a bit just to make sure AoE's, DoT's, and heals don't build too much enmity from under your feet. Recovering from Strident Screams in Stone Vigil is a big example of when this is necessary.

While Provoke is nice for putting yourself back on top of the enmity list if you lose a mob, remember to follow it up with Shield Lob (or a combo'd Rage of Halone / Savage Blade, if either is ready at the time and the monster is in range).

Your weapon's damage is INCREDIBLY important. Just looked up your lodestone; see if a crafter friend in your Company (or a friend of a friend) can make you a quick High Quality Vintage Viking Sword. The weapon damage increase will be huge, and helpful.And you need get more FF14 Gil!

EDIT: Oh, and you have a casting circlet on. It and your Fidelity ring could use upgrading.

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