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I recognized FFXIV's crafting system as being something complicated enough

I'm extremely disappointed with the fact that with 3.1 comes recipes that will be only available for certain specializations. It feels like SE has basically no clue what's really wrong with crafting and how to make it better. If desynthesis wasn't bad enough, crafting since 3.0 has been increasingly more painful.


Crafting is, without a doubt, the part of the game that really sold the game to me. In fact, I had multiple level 50 crafts prior to even beating Haukke Manor for the MSQ. When I do decide to fight stuff, I primarily run a scholar and I am involved in a static trying to clear A1S. Still, I see my combat roles as a kind of side show to my enjoyment in FFXIV. Primarily, I enjoy crafting and helping others, which often means being a reliable source of information and gear.


I've seen so many arguments speak out against omnicrafting, but I just don't see the substance to most of them:


Omnicrafters have a huge advantage in the markets because they don't have to buy materials from other crafters/gatherers.


If there's one thing I've learned from various MMOs, it's that merchanting players will always find a way to be rich. They don't need a system like crafting to play the markets and get rich. Specialization will do nothing to stop those who are determined be super rich from being super rich.


Gil aside, time is also a valuable resource that's often ignored. If I choose to not buy materials or sub components from other players, then that means I must spend time gathering and crafting those items myself. In the end, the number of items I could possibly produce in a given amount of time that way is far less than if I had bought some of those materials or sub components.


Lastly, this argument is also often applied with regards to item pricing where omnicrafters can sell items at lower prices still for decent profit. The problem I see with this is that high prices are generally bad all around. Non-crafters looking for gear for leveling purposes along with those working on crafting leve quests greatly benefit from lower prices on the market board. Lower prices also often increase the number of potential buyers which helps items sell quicker. This point is highlighted to an even greater degree thanks to the MSQ raining HQ leveling gear on players. Much of the unused gear ends up on the MB at prices that are hard to compete with since 3.0 made crafting a much more costly endeavor. If, as an omnicrafter, I don't see much room to compete with the MSQ reward surplus, I doubt a non-omnicrafter would either.


Specialization helps non-omnicrafters stay competitive with omnicrafters.


Sure would be nice if it actually worked that way. It might actually help to get more people into crafting. The problem is, the specialist skills are pretty much garbage forcing you to still rely on a large number of cross class skills to handle any real crafting.


In my opinion, specialization should have given skills that so powerful that without any cross class kills at all, a player could generally HQ any craft. This would mean:

Players leveling 1-3 crafting classes would be able to craft anything from those classes without making them feel like they must level other crafting classes. This would greatly benefit those who limit their crafting for RP purposes or because of time constraints.


An omnicrafter working outside of a specialty competing against a non-omnicrafter working within their specialty would do so on equal footing.


An omnicrafter working within one of their chosen specialties would possibly have a much easier time. Honestly I see nothing wrong with it as they did take extra time to level multiple classes for that bonus. On the other hand, specialist actions could also just be made in such a way to conflict with cross-class skills (such as making them work like battle classes and simply disallow cross class skills with the stone equipped).


For the above to work, however, SE would have to make sure that even the hardest crafts should be doable with either all cross class skills available (without specialization skills) or with specialization (without cross class skills).


Basically, if we continue down the current route, omnicrafters will either level alts to cover everything or be forced to specialize and give up a part of what they like to do. Players that do specialize without leveling other crafting classes continue being at a disadvantage because the existing skills don't make up for the lack of cross class skill. Additionally, players with a casual interest in crafting remain at a distance because they continue to face the reality that they'd have to spend a lot of time (or gil) to level multiple crafting classes to significant levels just to have a shot of being good at 1 or 2. Seriously, who actually wins in the current setup?


These changes will help force omnicrafters to interact more with other players and cooperate.


This is honestly a terrible argument I've seen from time to time. If omnicrafters truly didn't interact with anyone, they wouldn't have any impact in the community or market board at all. That's obviously not the case or it would imply that people that make this argument are simply arguing for the sake of arguing.


Instead of helping with cooperation, I see this as hurting it. From the beginning, I recognized FFXIV's crafting system as being something complicated enough and time consuming enough that a very significant part of the player base would not have much interest in getting involved in it. Omnicrafting, for me, was the natural solution to finding my place in the game as I could be my FC's one-stop shop for leveling gear at prices that wouldn't break the bank. In fact, I've spent so much time helping out FC mates with gear and such that I haven't capped Esos in months (with several weeks of earning exactly 0). If SE continues to harm omnicrafting, this will eventually lead to people like me having to simply say "sorry, can't do that craft at all" forcing them to have to go to someone else and probably pay a ridiculous price. If I do that enough times, people will begin to forget that I craft at all, at which point my interaction with others suffers. Of course, you could just say that other FC members could step up and specialize in the other crafting classes, but that's unlikely to work unless the FC had a bunch of omnicrafters to begin with. My FC, for instance, only has one other omnicrafter, but they aren't very active currently. The other members who have leveled some crafting classes lack the cross class skills to work on anything important and don't have the time or motivation to level more crafting classes.

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