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I want to play and enjoy Final Fantasy XIV machinist

I played this game well over a year ago then took a break I mained scholar and adored the class. (focus on studies, changed fields completely from med -> compsci which of course took my full attention).


However with the addition of Final Fantasy XIV heavensward I am by far interested in dark knight and machinist. Dark knight doesn't scare me, I am an exceptional Final Fantasy XIV tank that can hold aggro 98.9% of the time and does marks and yadda yadda.


BUT Machinist is a Final Fantasy XIV DPS class. I don't play DPS classes at present cause none of them appeal to me whatsoever. I originally was coming to play summoner but then I realized it was actually a watered down subpar DOT based class, and so I have no DPS experience or classes.


However that being said I am far from ignorant on how this game works.


Think of it like a pyramid, Final Fantasy XIV tanks are on top, healers slightly below that (seems to be more healers than tanks) and then dps are WAY down below that as almost a sub-human class.


I know this as:

-DPS queues are mind bogglingly long. 30+ minutes, it is bloody insane.

-DPS are kicked even if they draw aggro by accident.

-DPS are kicked if they don't deal enough damage.

-DPS are kicked if they don't do their maximum damage rotation at all times. (IE: I've seen many bards kicked because they didn't use that 25% or less HP move.)

-Final Fantasy XIV DPS are hilariously easily replaced in dungeons when removed, there are so many of them it's like an insane clog.


-In FCs the tanks/healers are useful to help friends, the FFXIV DPS are considered irrelevant because they won't actually be able to improve your chances of success anywhere close to that of a healer/tank.


-Similar to the point directly above, other DPS cry and wail and lament for a tank/healer to queue with them- meaning they get into events/make friends and allies much faster get more cheap ffxiv gil.


-All I need to say as a scholar is "healer lfp" in shout and I will get a group within seconds because I am a healer.


-DPS are allowed to stay dead and can and will be left dead for entire boss fights or raids.


And there are literally like a hundred more microaggressions against Final Fantasy XIV DPS classes I can think of but you get the jist of it.


And don't say "This doesn't happen" because I have seen it over a year ago when I played and I still see it now. It hasn't changed and if anything the heiarchy of dominance is EVEN STRONGER NOW.


I see FFXIV Tanks and healers (when I am leveling my pld right now) absolutely troll the everloving shit out of the team and it's all okay because they can just instant-queue immediately after.


OR they demand "kick that DPS or I leave and you can have fun without me" and they get their way because 9 times out of 10 if they leave you'll be sitting on your thumb for a solid 10-15 minutes praying for another tank/healer to come.


So I am INCREDIBLY discouraged at the fat that the Final Fantasy XIV machinist falls under a DPS class, I don't even know what to do at this point. I see these things every time I log into this game and I want to enjoy the machinist but with things being like THIS... I severely doubt I will be able to and that I will immediately get frustrated.

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