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New-ish and Want to FFXIV RP server More

Hey there! I started playing back in February and have made some RP friends just by chatting with people in game. Figured I'd maybe try to be more official by posting here, though.  I'm on Balmung due to it being the server the friend that convinced me to play plays on.  Since it's pretty much the RP server I kinda lucked out.


--MMORPG background

Zero.This is my first MMO.In fact, I never really understood or cared about 'em but I'm truly enjoying my time in FFXIV.


--RP experience

Been RPing for years and years now.  I was on a Harry Potter RP board for a bit and got up to the point of being a semi-mod.  I also play tabletop RPGs and tend to make them RP heavy as well.


--Character ideas/info

I'm sorta just sticking with one character for now.  I've, uh, stolen my character name from a sitcom and am sort of used a similar backstory.  However I haven't RP'd much lately so I'm still looking to flesh him out a bit.  There's still plenty I'd like to do with this character and am very open to scenarios that will test him so I can truly figure out what he can be.


Character name is Salem Saberhagen (obviously a Mi'qote).  He had manipulated his tribe into doing his bidding by casting powerful spells he had nicked from the private spellbook stores of his teachers.  Once his tribe leaders had regained control over the group they collectively stripped him of his magical knowledge and sent him to Ul'dah to inquire about how to use his magic for good.  Likely a stupid idea but he had been broken enough by seeing the hatred of those around him and the nakedness of having his power taken from him that he was too shocked to seek revenge.  


Thus, he did as asked and began to practice magic again, slowly building up his power while devoting himself to doing good.  Now he mainly focuses on studying the dark magics he wields and wants to help people when he can.  He knows nothing will really make up for what he had done but starting his life over has given him hope that people can, maybe, accept him again.  He also gave himself a new, more Hyur-sounding name as he felt that using his given name was not appropriate anymore.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

The Balmung Facebook group~!


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Medium.  I'm still focusing on game content (especially with Heavensward out) as my friend and my boyfriend both are content-focused players.  However, I do like to take breaks to RP and would like to devote, possibly, equal time to content and RP.


--Anything from real life you'€™re comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I tend to be on in the evenings (probably ~6pm PST) and end up logging out "early" as it's tough for me to sleep if I play too late... and I tend to have to get up early due to a long commute.  That said, weekends I'll usually be on for longer periods of time!

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