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Since everyone could equip the FFXIV items and be fully immune to every status

Would it be too much to ask that we get some gear that gives us status immunity without dropping our item level down significantly? As is, the only thing we have is The Butcher's Crown which is a measly FFXIV item level 55 and only grants a 5% decrease to the duration of status effects. Still, that's only a minor decrease in duration across the board. I'm asking for something that grants full status immunity....


Of course, granting full immunity across the board is out of the question, since everyone could equip the item and be fully immune to every status. I'm proposing more of a series of items, each of which grant immunity to singular effects. I would say to put these items as rings, meaning that you can only have up to two status immunities at a time, and that it doesn't have as much of a stat decreasing effect as something taking up another slot. Whether or not these rings have stat boosting effects as well is of course up to FFXIV SE, mostly in regards to whether they want it to be a major trade off in favor of stat immunity, or a minor trade off that only slightly decreases stats....


The main reason I'm wanting this is simple. As a caster, status effects can render us completely useless. Status effects like paralysis are harmful to melee FFXIV DPS or FFXIV Tanks, but it hits frequently enough that we casters can barely get a single charge cast spell off without it interrupting. So a tank is surrounded by mobs and I'm spamming Fire II and Flare on them but tank takes no damage by my spells? Huh?Do tanks have an innate ability to resist such strong magic? But why they are taking damage from fiends' spells then. Looks like a major plot/logic hole to me.This leaves us with instant-cast spells alone if the healers aren't quick with esuna/leeches, (which most seem to forget about even if the tank isn't in the process of dying). What's more is that we also have to deal with silence which doesn't have any effect on non casters except for Paladins on occasion. These two alone can turn the tide of battle from a sure victory to a near instant loss if all the healers are hit with them at once. That's of course not counting the ones like stun, slow, sleep and petrify that are detrimental to everyone.....


melee DPS or Tanks shouldn't prioritize Parry


To get into the meat of why Parry is considered garbage by a lot of Tanks we need to understand things from the healing side of the coin. Most people who have done serious healing on EX Primals and Coil fights knows that you're simply never counting on a Tank to parry an attack. This goes for auto-attacks and ffxiv skills used by bosses. Auto attacks, when mitigated by a parry, do not get reduced by enough of an amount to really change when or how often a healer is going to have to use a basic cure. If an enemy hits me for 1.5k ffxiv gil on an auto attack and I proceed to parry that attack and reduce it to 1095 damage my healer(s) are still going to throw the same amount of cures at me to top me off. Healing in FFXIV is not a race to out heal bosses DPS but rather to mitigate a bosses spike damage. Healers are very easily able to exceed a boss' DPS with their HPS. The challenge comes in preparing for the moves that are considered tank killers. Death Sentence, Raven's Beak, Bahamut's Claw, Swarm, Rotoswipe+Diffusion Ray, Ultima's Chest Laser of tank killing, etc. Since Parry can never be counted on to mitigate these attacks properly (though it can, on occasion lead to a lucky save) good Healers never depend on it. Instead they prepare the tank with cooldowns like Eye for an Eye, Virus, and spells like Stoneskin and Adloqium in order to give the Tank enough of a buffer to survive the attack unmitigated by anything but the tanks own cooldowns.


I am aware that not every caster has issues with these effects, and that even some non casters have major problems with them. I am also aware that asking for an item set to be included in the game is a stretch. I also don't propose that boss specific effects such as doom have immunity items. That being said, I know I'd be willing to trade a few stat points in exchange for being able to keep fighting.....

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