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Tank/Paladin tips - help them be better at Tanking?

I play DPS, Healers, and Tanks regularly. There are a few things I specifically want out of tanks that are tied to the role I'm playing.

I'll list these things off in order of priority when I'm playing each role.


DPS junk:

D1. {Please draw enmity.} Nothing at all makes me more frustrated than a Tank who loses hate to me on the pull and lets me die or fucks up the boss' initial mechanic because he spun around to hit me with something. In Sephirot EX, this can cause an immediate wipe with the initial frontal cleave. In A5N or A5S, this can cause me to die to Headache stacks. Most bosses, the risk is death. If this happens later on in the fight, I get even more peeved, because there's no excuse for that.


D2. Tanks should deal damage. Yeah - I know what you're thinking. I'm the DPS, it's my job to do damage. Sure, okay, but that's bullshit, plain and simple. I understand the need to mitigate incoming damage and be a Tank, but when comparing two Tanks who handle 1 with equivalent skill, the better Tank is then determined 100% by their damage output. A level 60 tank turtling and spamming Rage of Halone in Shield Oath because of ? is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Not "learning" - B A D.


D3. Tank mechanics should not be ignored. I want my tank to properly deal with the mechanics of the fight. Swap when they're supposed to, pull the boss effectively from point to point as needed, otherwise just don't die to tank busters and the like. Seriously. When 1 and 2 exist in equal measure, the next and final way that I measure a Tank is on how they move around the battlefield and handle Tank-specific mechanics. A Tank who doesn't swap when they should is bad. A Tank who pulls the boss at SUPER SPEED across the room (read: running while the boss is casting so it then runs faster-than-player-speed to where the Tank is now) is bad and doing things wrong. There are smarter and more effective ways to do the same thing and not make the DPS pissed off. A7N/S is a really good example of this. The boss runs /really/ fast. Moving too soon for mechanics results in dropped GCDs for your melee DPS and makes them frustrated and pissy and more likely to make mistakes.


Healer concerns:

Basically the same three as above, except for different reasons, and in the same order.

D1. {Please draw enmity.} When a Tank loses threat to a healer, the healer dies. It's usually the healer's fault, but a good Tank can save a bad healer. Mucking up mechanics in A5, for instance, causes heals to be unnecessarily focused on you during the tank buster phases, because your Concussion comes out sooner so you take Headache stacks as it builds up rather than just before the big hit.


H1. Proper/effective Mitigation is necessary. I don't mean SPAM RAGE OF HALONE - that's rarely / never necessary. I mean pop a cooldown for a big hit, drop RoH before a physical tank buster, be aware of when you can and when you SHOULD use which cooldowns to most effectively mitigate incoming damage. Don't pop randomly. Don't ignore or miss a pop. A good tank is measured by how effectively they mitigate incoming damage. NOT by how much damage they mitigate.


D2. Tanks should deal damage. Faster kills are more effective kills. A GOOD Tank should know when to do damage and when to mitigate. You should be stance dancing - as any Tank - when it's safe to do so. There are times in fights where dropping Shield Oath, Grit, or Defiance change literally nothing about how many heals are needed, because the incoming damage is so small. Learn when those periods are and start DPSing more. A Paladin who uses Sword Oath whenever Ratfinx is a baby in A5N or S is a good Paladin who I like to heal. A Paladin who stays in Shield Oath with healers who aren't DPSing at all is a bad Paladin. It depends on quality of healers, but any and every Tank should be able to tell if it's safe or not based on previous parts of the encounter.


D3. Tank mechanics should not be ignored. Effective and necessary Tank swaps should be handled gracefully, purposefully, and correctly. Failure to do so makes the Healer sad because they're either raising a dead tank or dumping twice as many resources into healing from the failed mechanic than they would have had to if it was done properly. Good examples include Double Rocket Punch in A8, the tank buster in A5, and the swaps in A6.


Tank concerns:

T1. OUT-DPS ME. Yes. The most important and most vital one of all of the Tank concerns. When I'm the main tank on a fight, my off-tank had better be doing more damage than I am - or at least comparable - especially if I'm in tank stance. If I'm above them, that's a serious issue and one I get really offended by. This tank muscled me into tank stance and then proceeded to shit the bed and do 500-600 DPS while I push 1000-1200. This has happened before on A6N to me playing Paladin and it's really frustrating.


T2. Please stop being dumb.

Using Sheltron against Brawler and Swindler when the former isn't shooting a drill because...?

Ignoring tank swaps and letting me die to my second 5+ stack Single Buster since I burned HG on the last one because...?

Pulling Blaster and Vortexer all the way north as soon as the encounter begins, despite the fact that each one of them is going to use a mechanic less than 10s into the fight that forces you to move because...?

Pulling a boss and facing it south to start in any situation ever for any reason (yes even A1N and A1S) because...?

Nothing is more frustrating than a Tank who doesn't know how to do the fight and then pulls and handles it wrong when I'm standing right here, knowing a better way to do things from dozens of times in the instance, practicing and learning better ways to handle things.


T3. Stop being bad. I can always tell when a Tank is just being a fucking Tank. A Dark Knight at full Mana. A Paladin with the boss being constantly afflicted with Strength Down but never Goring Blade. A Warrior where the boss has plenty of Storm's Path but never any Storm's Eye. Just stop. I know all three Tanks - as every Tank should at a basic level - and it's frustrating when you, as my partner, are making me look bad by being garbage at your Job. Just do the basics. Turn Darkside on and use Dark Arts occasionally. Keep Goring Blade flowing. Don't let Storm's Eye drop off. Beyond that, do whatever you want - I don't care.


D3. Tank mechanics should not be ignored. Tank swaps. For the love of fuck, drop tank stance when the Provoke goes off. You should be anticipating the swap, because it's time to swap. You should be watching the party list and know exactly when to swap based on when the OT's hate bar fills up and turns to A. No excuses.

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